Ways To Enhance Your American Accent



Are you looking for these ways that can help you about your American accent training and improve your English pronunciation? If American English is not your mother language, and you would want to gather knowledge on accent reduction from your native tongue, there are effective ways on learning American accent training while having fun along the way. When you are enrolled in formal classes involving American accent training, it would better if you supplement your classes with drills, activities and practices. This article presents two of the most enjoyable ways on improving your English pronunciation and professional communication.


One way is to enhance your professional communication, at the same time building up some charisma points through a pretend talk show. This mock talk show requires a group of at least six people similar to talk shows you see on television. All people in the group will have different roles in this activity that enhances your American accent training. As with the conventional talk shows, one person will stand as the host of the show. Two to three people then will act as the show guests that the host will ask questions to. This version of the activity also employs two to three people who will stand as the judging panel. If there are more people in the group, you may allot a role called the talk show host moderator.


To begin with, it would be nice if the group will think of a theme for the mock talk show that everyone can be comfortable talking about. If you are in a slumber party, you might perhaps think of past love experiences and relationships. If you are on a vacation, you can talk about funny moments in your offices and your aspirations in life. But the catch to this activity is really imitating the formality and the energy in television talk shows, so as to enhance your professional communication. The host can prepare a set of questions related to the theme, that he or she will be willing to ask to his or her guests. In turn, the guests are submitted to answer the question and begin a fruitful conversation, until the topic is fully discussed. Check out http://www.corporatespeechsolutions.com/news/check-out-these-3-easy-tips-for-improving-your-american-english-pronunciation/ for more details.


After the talk and conversation are done, the judging panel will have the chance to speak the same way the communicators did and comment on the guests of the show. To make the mock talk show more exciting, experts suggest on placing a best speaker award who will meet some judging criteria. You may also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8oVLNejVHE for more details about American accent training.


Another fun activity to help you improve your American accent training is puppet theater. This activity has more preparations than the previous one since you will be needing puppets and a space to do the performance. However, this is very popular among the young age group. You can think of a good story that will have characters dealing with an antagonist and protagonist. You can choose superhero stories, legends, myths and fun children’s fairy tale stories.


Be sure to allot some time for each participant in the puppet theater show to speak. If you have a group of viewers to watch the show, you may also task them to comment on your performance and point out some mistakes on your accent, tone or pronunciation. With these simple but effective activities, you can improve on your English accent in no time.


How To Get The Best American Accent Training



Because we are living in a global village, the internet has made it possible for Americans to outsource many important services to employees in different parts of the world. There are many call centers, established in India to provide services to the US market and virtual assistants, web builders and designers, as well as merchants from different parts of the world such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and many more, which allow them to interact to many online market. Young people, who are hard-workers and fast-learners, are chosen to work by many cruise ships, constructions, and hospitals.


However, one of the problems is communication. Most of the time, jobs require a level of English Proficiency. However, not many people meet this requirement. US employers want to have workers who are fluent in English so that they can easily communicate with. This will prevent them from losing time or money because of problems cause by misunderstanding and miscommunication. Without any question, American accent reduction training will help people get better jobs and negotiate better income.


Below are the five practical strategies, which you can use when you want to learn American accent easily and quickly.


English is just the same with every language as it has its own rhythm. You can use a language tape and play it to yourself even if you are driving your car or if you are available. You must get used to the rhythm of American English.


You can watch the speakers of American English and learn from them. You can imitate the way they speak when you communicate with others every day. Observe their mouths, lips, and practice idiomatic expressions that they deliver. Know more claims about American accent training at http://www.britannica.com/quiz/plain-english.


You must spend time when talking, but do not forget to breathe slowly and calmly. If you are speaking at a faster pace, you must try to slow down when you speak in English so that the listener will be able to understand you. If you are already more confident, you can speed up already when talking.


Do not forget to read English daily, at least half an hour a day if you can handle it. In this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself in pronouncing common expressions and  metaphors. If possible, you can record yourself while speaking for 10 minutes and try to play it back and listen so that you can make necessary improvements.


Lastly, you can ask your friends and colleagues to provide feedback on how you deliver your American accent. They are able to determine if you are already effective or not. You can just watch from American shows and movies, even music if you do not know any American Speakers. This will help you learn more. Please check out our homepage if you have questions.

Why You Should Take American Accent Training



More and more people are leaving their families and loved ones in their home country, and take these as challenges to seek a better future for them in another country. Immigrants and professionals who want to travel to the United States have to learn the American accent training and how to engage in professional communication using the language.


Plunging yourself into quality American accent training, accent reduction and professional communication will open more opportunities for foreigners who have preferred to reside in an English-speaking nation such as the United States, Canada or Singapore. Should immigrants and aspiring overseas professionals learn the American accent? What happens if you are fluent in English? Does this still need American accent training? This article guides you to deciding on taking the course to elevate your career.


According to experts, it is not really a requirement to enroll in American accent training if you are an Asian living in the United States for instance, because having the knowledge to speak in English is enough. But if a foreigner reaches an English-speaking country, he or she might find himself or herself shocked with the language and culture.


One benefit of learning the American accent is being opened up to more job opportunities. It is true that there are companies in the United States that are about discrimination and biased towards Native English speakers. Experts tell you that company agents who are tasked in the selection process of employees are most likely to hire someone who has better professional communication skills than others, in this case – the American English speakers. It is indeed real and true that having American English training will help you boost your confidence about speaking with different people on the job, and increases the chances of you being hired or promoted to a position. You may get more details about American accent training at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/english/.


Another benefit is gaining self-esteems and building friendships. Beginners who just started living in the United States for example might find themselves culture shocked by the language that their companions use, because of the fact that they were speaking their native tongue back in their country. To ease communication gaps between your colleagues in your professional career and yourself, it will help if you take a lesson or two about American English accept. It will also help you gain more friends and connections as you go along the way.


These are just some tips that you can use to help you decide on taking up American English training lessons.